Waste & Resource Management


Through the delivery of cost effective and sustainable waste management technologies we are able to provide clients with technical solutions that maximise diversion of wastes from landfill

Our expertise includes the following: 

  • Recovery of high value recyclables from mixed waste

  • Energy from waste

  • Mechanical biological treatment

  • Advanced thermal treatment technologies including gasification, plasma gasification, hydrothermal gasification, pyrolysis,

  • Liquid fuels from solid waste and biomass

  • Energy from food waste using anaerobic digestion

  • Substitute soils and soil improvers from organic wastes

  • Treatment of liquid wastes

  • Treatment and recovery of Hazardous Wastes

  • Combined heat and power

  • Distributed energy solutions

Our experienced team is able to undertake all elements of project delivery from prefeasibility study through to facility design, installation and commissioning.  We aim to provide clients with a full “concept to reality” service.  . 

Our philosophy is that waste is not just a waste but a valuable resource and Clients can be assured that our waste management solutions deliver the highest environmental credentials.  


The core Gasplasma® technology is a two-stage advanced conversion process. It combines two long standing and well proven technologies (gasification and plasma conversion) in a unique configuration. After the removal of valuable recyclates, the Gasplasma® process treats a wide range of non-recyclable feedstocks produced from residual municipal solid waste and commercial/industrial waste converting them all into two high value outputs: a clean, high quality, energy-rich synthesis gas (syngas) and a solid, vitrified product (Plasmarok®) – each with multiple applications. Gasplasma® offers a genuinely game-changing solution for a zero waste future.

 Our preferred provider for Waste and Resource Management are Advanced Plasma Power 

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