Security, Risk & Resilience

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Critical Infrastructure is vital for delivering essential services to a country’s people 

and consequently many governments have created departments that are charged
with the responsibility of protecting these assets.

Ravenbridge and our partners have many years experience in advising governments and
commercial organisations throughout the world in developing their strategies to
protect these assets.

There are a number of reasons why infrastructure needs to be heavily secured and

Terrorism- persons or groups deliberately targeting critical infrastructure for political gain.

Sabotage- persons or groups attacking oil pipelines, water supplies or power grids for commercial gain, political insurrection or environmental groups.

Cyber attack- hacking for personal gain or political insurrection

Natural Disasters- earthquakes, hurricanes etc which damage critical infrastructure

Security Overview

Our partners cover every aspect of security, risk and resilience planning and
implementation from initial infrastructure design to fibre optic perimeter intrusion
detection systems, establishment and maintenance of forward operating bases and
aircraft surveillance and sensing systems.

More importantly, we bring all of these disparate functions together and link them
all by designing, creating and implementing command and control centres to provide the
essential information for government departments to act on.

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