Ravenbridge have a number of core partners including :


The Bahman Group is a Kuwait based civil engineering contractor established in 1984.

The company has successfully completed many civil contracts since establishment and as a result is
now registered with tier one status to undertake Government contracts within Kuwait.

Tier one status permits the Bahman Group to tender for contracts with different ministries in Kuwait
and to participate in public tenders without pre-qualification. There is no restriction on the value
of the projects which Bahman can tender for.

Up to present day, Bahman Group have carried out smaller sized Government contract work in
the areas of roads, bridge and marine since inception of the company and this has amounted
to in excess of 200 million US Dollars.

Bahman Group has significant investment in plant, machinery and equipment and currently
employs in excess of 300 people.

Skill, Capability, Experience, Reliability, Quality & Accomplishment.

MBTC part of the Bahman Group has been successful by providing efficient, cost effective service
and personnel to deliver major projects on time and to budget as a Kuwait Government approved contractor.

The Kuwait Government is presently engaged on a major redevelopment of Kuwait Infrastructure
and this provides key opportunities for substantial international contractors to work in collaboration
with the Bahman Group to tender for the appropriate projects.

Bahman Group bring the advantage of local registration, awareness and understanding of the local
contracting and regulatory requirements of the different Government Ministries which can enable
international companies to participate in a shared approach to winning Government tenders.


Advanced Plasma Power

Advanced Plasma Power Limited (APP) is the world leader in waste to energy and advanced fuels technology.  APP is revolutionising the way in which we treat waste sustainably by maximising the value from it as a source of materials and energy while minimising the impact of waste on the environment.  APP has developed the Gasplasma® process, a clean, modular and scalable advanced waste to energy and fuels technology which delivers high efficiencies whilst minimising visual and environmental impact.

The Gasplasma® process is an innovative combination of two well-established technologies – gasification and plasma treatment, both of which have decades of proven commercial operation.

APP’s Gasplasma® technology converts waste and/or the outputs from any waste gasification process efficiently and economically into two products:

  • A clean, hydrogen-rich synthesis gas (syngas), which can be used to generate electricity directly in gas engines, turbines or fuel cells and can also be converted into substitute natural gas, hydrogen or liquid fuels;

  • An inert product (Plasmarok®) that has applications as a high value construction material

The technology is patented internationally.

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